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Windows Phone OS has thus far remained within the shadows of iOS and automation. however off late we tend to square measure seeing a robust surge during this platform particularly once Microsoft has non-heritable the mobile big Nokia. Because of the bevy of Windows OS-based good phones and smart business choices taken by Microsoft. In twenty-four countries, as well as the kingdom, European country, and France Windows phones have already begun to outsell iOS devices.

If you haven’t ventured into Windows Phone Application Development – this is often the time to try and do so!
Microsoft within the recent years has positioned this OS because of the golden mean between the openness of automation and closeness of iOS. Windows Phone could be an extremely protrusive platform that provides you a number of opportunities to develop apps that square measure partaking and assist you to connect together with your finish users. The Live Tiles feature permits you to form distinctly recognizable apps to plug your complete.

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