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  • Hence the process of enhancing the visibility can be done by various methods:
  • Using a brief but descriptivetitle which plays a key role in attracting the visitors and also making sure it serves the purpose of providing information.
  • Using Meta tags and keywords that highlight the site will tend to improve the site’s search.
  • Creating unique and relevant content using frequently searched keywords so that a wide range of search queries are covered but also making sure unnecessary keywords are not loaded.
  • Emphasising on heading tags so that it highlights the important points or topics of the specific page.
  • Updating the content from time to time to maintain the uniqueness and avoiding duplicity.
  • Linking pages either between the same site or with other sites increases the chances of visibility.
  • Creating an XML Sitemap to ensure that spiders while crawling find all the important pages in your site and index them according to the hierarchy.
  • Improvising on the structure of the URL so that it is user friendly.
  • Making the site easier to navigate.
  • Optimizing images on the site using “alt” attribute; so that even if the image doesn’t open up there is a valid alternate text about it.
  • Restrict crawling of pages using a “robot.txt” file so that certain pages are not shown in the search engine as those pages might not be useful for the users.
  • Making crawling smoother using Webmaster tools like Google, Yahoo and Microsoft.
  • Building a relationship with the social media and networks like Facebook, Twitter etc wisely can lead to increase in traffic to the site drastically.
  • SEO is also an abbreviationfor Search Engine Optimizers,a term used by various industry consultants and employees who work on optimization projects on behalf of clients. Search Engine Optimizers are basically consultants for clients and they use various tactics for optimization which includes changing the HTML code of the website.
  • On Page: On-Page Optimization is a process that deals with all the intricate details of the structure and the content on the website itself that influence search engine rankings. The role of On-Page SEO is to modify keywords and phrases that appear frequently in titles, URL’s, hyperlinks, headings and page content so as to enhance website visibility and increase in traffic so that search engine rankings shoot up. In short it is making sure that the website is as search engine friendly as possible or else there are less chances of getting good results.
  • There are many on-page factors that determine the search engine’s rankings:


  • Content of the page
  • A good content always grabs the attention of the target audience and thus is very important to a search engine. Hence a good content has two main features:
  • should be in demand
  • should be linkable to different sites.


  • Use of Meta Tags i.e. Title Tags, and Description Tags
  • After a good content a title tag determines the visibility of the website in a search engine. Title tags are the main text that describes the content of different web pages. It is an important on-page SEO factor which appears in three main places:
  • Browser
  • Search result pages
  • External websites
  • Title tags should be concise and not lengthy i.e. less than 68 characters whereas Description Tags are more descriptive but should not exceed 148 characters.


  • Image Alt Tags
  • “Alt attribute” should be used to label all the images on a web page of a web site so that so that a description is always provided with an image.


  • H Tags
  • “H tags” should be used to label all the different headers on a web page of a website.


  • Anchor texts
  • Anchor text is a text that hyperlink displays while linking to another page or document on the web. Hence good anchor texts must be used within content.


  • Use rel= “no follow” tag
  • To avoid spamming techniques by other websites it is advisable to use rel=”no follow” tag in the links to other websites which are not trustworthy.


  • Proper linking
  • A web page should provide links to go back to the home page or link back to subcategory pages. 
    Also there are few mistakes that can be committed while doing on-page optimization which leads to the decline of the search rankings. They are namely:


  • Duplicity of content
  • Duplicity of title tags
  • Many URLs for a same page
  • Many versions of the same site
  • Invalid code as search engines are unable to properly read a page
  • Hence on-page optimization if done accurately using the help of the above factors can help in getting good search rankings.
  • Off Page Optimization: Off-Page Optimization is a process that deals with doings things off site or outside of the website that improves its search engine rankings. And the most important technique to do it is by increasing the number of links back to the website. As more back links to a webpage will tend to improve its search engine rankings. This process of buildings back links from other web sites to your website is known as “Link building”. Apart from building links there are various other strategies that can be used for off-page optimization. They are namely:


  • Social networking
  • Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In etc can be used as a platform to promote a website by creating a profile and extending the network by sharing things with others, creating social circles and getting connected with friends which helps in promoting the website.


  • Blogging
  • Blogging is one of the most important tools to promote your site after social networking. Create a blog of your own for your own company using precise and sufficient content and promote it using the help from various blog directories. Also the best way to promote your website through blogs is by commenting on other blogs and providing the links in the comment box provided which is crawl able by the search engines.


  • Photo Sharing
  • A picture speaks more than thousand words. Sharing pictures with the world is one of the most important strategies of off-page optimization as the target audience gets attracted to them more than content. We can do this using Picasa, Flickr, Photo Bucket etc which are the most famous photo sharing websites.


  • Video Sharing
  • Similarly like photo sharing we can promote a website by publishing/ sharing your product video, expert opinions etc on sites like YouTube which is a most popular site which helps in increasing the search engine rankings. There are also sites like MetaCafe and DailyMotion that are good as well.


  • Social Bookmarking
  • Social Bookmarking is also a powerful tool to promoting a website as content is updated more frequently and hence search engines search it faster.


  • Search Engine Submission
  • Submitting your website to some famous top notch search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN etc helps in the rankings.


  • Directory Submission
  • Submitting your website to leading directories can help to increase the search rankings. Directories like Yahoo, DMOZ, ZoomInfoetc can help in increasing the business.


  • Link Exchange
  • Link Exchange deals with how effectively links are exchanged with service related websites that helps in the popularity of the website. While exchanging the links be aware of Black Hats.


  • Link Baiting
  • If you use references from other sources or websites do not forget to mention the links along with it so that other sites too while using your information mentions the required link thereby helping in the increase of ranking, popularity and business.


  • Cross Linking
  • Cross linking is a technique of linking pages to other pages within the same website which leads to more exposure and popularity which done effectively can in turn lead to higher ranking in the search engine. This is done using the help of targeted keywords as anchor text.


  • Press Releases
  • Finally spreading information about the website is done using press releases which is a marketing strategy used for the inflow of customers. Press release is used to send information to news organisations, publications etc. Hence, off-page optimization is a crucial element of optimization which has to be done effectively and cannot be overlooked. So, using these factors diligently and carefully can lead to the gradual increase in the ratings as it is not an overnight process but takes time to build up.


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